Week 7 — Kirkwood CC and McGrath Amphitheatre

Join the Muni Band this week at Kirkwood Community College on Wednesday, July 20, and at McGrath Amphitheatre on Sunday, July 24.

Concert time is 7:30 pm. You can watch the performances live on Facebook and hear the Sunday concert on KMRY radio.

Now, you may have heard a certain conductor (we shall not name him here, but his initials are Steve Shanley) suggest that the Kirkwood concert will be held indoors. It will not. We include a map here to show you where the concert will be held and where you will be able to park.

Be alert for construction on campus! And bring your lawn chair!

Festive Overture (Dmitri Shostakovich, arr. Hunsberger)
Sabre and Spurs (John Philip Sousa, arr. Fennell)
Rhapsody for Euphonium (James Curnow) — Caleb Lambert, euphonium
The Little Mermaid (Alan Menken, arr. Bocook)
Concertpiece No. 2 (Felix Mendelssohn) — Christine Bellomy & Thiago Ancelmo, clarinet
Chicago Tribune March (W. Paris Chambers)
Theme from “The Magnificent Seven” (Elmer Bernstein, arr. Paul Yoder)
Rolling Thunder (Henry Fillmore, arr. Fennell)