Our History

Here’s an opportunity to look back at the 60+ year history of the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band. Most of this history was written by former member Rollie Raim to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the band in 2001.

How it Started
Learn about the early days of the CRMB and how it built the cornerstone for today’s band.

Rehearsals Over the Years
Take a look at the early days of CRMB pratices and learn how the conditions have changed over the last 50 years.

Long-time Members
Meet the few current members who have been around since the start of the band (or even earlier)!

History of Conductors
Learn about all the Municipal Band’s conductors over the years.

How Performances Have Changed
Things have changed since Cedar Rapidians first set out their blankets in Ellis Park for concerts during the 1950s, take a closer look.

The Song of Dedication
Learn the history of the Cedar Rapids Song of Dedication. Find out how a contest was used to select the song.

How It Began

After returning from military service in World War II, Cedar Rapids school instrumental music teacher Roland Moehlmann decided the city needed a band to play free public concerts. He organized a band using veteran musicians from the VFW Band along with students from the city schools into what was called “city band”. During the years …

Rehearsals Through The Years

The 1951 Municipal Band rehearsed on the dance floor of the VFW club room. The ceiling above the band included a large curved dome which reflected the sound below it in strange directions. You could sometimes hear a player across the room better than someone sitting next to you. The Sunday afternoon rehearsals in the …

Our Conductors

Despite having played over 60 seasons, the Municipal Band has had only FOUR conductors! It’s this level of dedication that has helped make the band what it is today. Roland L. Moehlmann, 1951-1967 The band’s founding director came to Cedar Rapids in 1929 as the second full time instrumental music teacher hired by the Cedar …

Performances Through the Years

In 1951 the Municipal Band performed on a concrete slab in Ellis and Bever Parks, playing without the assistance of a band shell to reflect the sound into the audience. A 35 watt Stromberg Carlson public address system was purchased to amplify the band’s sound and announce numbers. The old tube type amplifier had three …

The Song of Dedication

During the early 1950’s, band director Moehlmann decided that our community needed an official song. The song should reflect in music and lyrics a profound appreciation for the way of life enjoyed by Cedar Rapids’ people. The Band Commission created a contest for a “Song of Dedication”, offering a prize of $500 to the winner. …