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Performances Through the Years

In 1951 the Municipal Band performed on a concrete slab in Ellis and Bever Parks, playing without the assistance of a band shell to reflect the sound into the audience. A 35 watt Stromberg Carlson public address system was purchased to amplify the band’s sound and announce numbers. The old tube type amplifier had three inputs, allowing for two band mikes and a conductors mike.

In the 1970s it was replaced by a Bogen public address system, which had eight inputs for microphone amplification. This enabled solos played by first chair players to be better heard by the audience. The Wenger portable band shell purchased in the 1960s provided the band with better lighting and sound control.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, every section of the band had separate microphones, allowing the sound technician to deliver to the audience a blend of the band’s music. Robert Young was in charge of the sound system. And along with his wife Carol and their children, who were also members of the band at different times, set-up and tear down were clearly a family affair for the Youngs.

Following Robert Young’s retirement from CRMB sound activities, the band commission decided to go for a less amplified, more natural sound. Microphones hang above the band to pick up an overall sound from the band. This sound is sent to KMRY Radio for their Wednesday night broadcasts and is also amplified in the park, but not at the same levels as in previous years. The hope is that, along with enjoying the natural quality of the sound, patrons will also choose to sit closer to the band shell for a more intimate experience.