It’s the final week–and we’re headed to Hawkeye Downs!

Join us Wednesday, August 4 at 7:30 pm as we play our first-ever concert at Hawkeye Downs.

Or catch the final concert of the season on Sunday, August 8 in Bever Park. Catch the Prelude concert at 6:30 by the Eastside Brass Quartet. The Muni Band takes the stage at 7:30.

Both concerts will also be streamed on our Facebook page–and the Sunday night performance will air on KRMY (93.1 FM, 1450 AM,

Highlights include music from Frozen and a double dose of movie music by John Williams!

It will be just like the racing at Hawkeye Downs.
Except Dr. Shanley will wave his baton instead of a checkered flag.
Oh, and you won’t need earplugs (at least that’s our hope).
Also, there will be fewer left turns.
Upon reflection, it will be nothing like the racing at Hawkeye Down.