This Sunday at Bever!

Sunday is your only chance this week to catch the great concert we have in store for you!  This week features new Iowa trumpet professor Courtney Jones on a piece composed by Cedar Rapids native Kim Scharnberg in addition to some concert band “war horses” and the gorgeous music from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves all under the direction of guest conductor Steve Stickney.  Pack up the kids, lawn chairs, and a picnic and head to Bever this Wednesday at 7:30!

This week’s program includes:

  • The Star Spangled Banner and Cedar Rapids Song of Dedication sung and performed by Kyra Lehman, from Prairie High School
  • Homage March (Wagner)
  • Mannin Veen (Wood)
  • Bayou Breakdown (Karrick)
  • Travelogue for Trumpet (Scharnberg) featuring University of Iowa trumpet professor Courtney Jones:
  • Carnival (Basler)
  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (arr. Lavender)
  • The Gallant Seventh (Sousa)